Reliable reviews

Klantenvertellen feels it is important for reviews to be reliable. Real reviews and stories, written by customers who have bought a product or service from your company. Our review system actively invites customers to post a review. To check and guarantee the reliability of reviews, we have incorporated barriers in our system which ensure that the review originates from real customers. Sometimes a review may still prove to be fake. If you are using our review system and have your suspicions about a review, you can report it. Our review specialists will then study the review in more detail.


Positive and negative review

Every company receives both positive and negative reviews. If the overall score is high, the number of negative reviews will be lower, but you will always find points for improvement. Particularly when there are lot of reviews. To ensure the most realistic impression, customers may not delete negative reviews themselves. However, it is possible to respond to them so that any complaint can be addressed. Klantenvertellen may delete a review if it does not comply with our guidelines.


Reliable and credible

A potential customer is not taken in by fake reviews. Always ask customers to leave an honest review. That increases their reliability and convinces new customers to place an order. Accept criticism gracefully and try to resolve problems. Customers appreciate when a business responds to criticism in a consumer-friendly way.


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