New: our transparent Widget!

The Widget – our customers will be familiar with it – allows you to showcase your achieved grade and the number of reviews on your website, in your newsletter or on your invoices.

Logo op materiaal

Where previously this was only available with a white background, you now have the option to use it transparently. With this feature you have more freedom in using background color and you can always keep the background of the widget in your own style.



For example, our customer Nieuw Allardsoog, from Klantenvertellen,

has already deployed this feature on the beige-colored page of one of their lodges.

Allardsoog vb


And our client Cudovan Fiscal has given the transparent widget

a nice prominent place within their green header.

Cudovan fiscaal vb


Are you a client of ours and want to use this too? This is easy to customize within your customer dashboard under the heading ‘Publish’. Then simply activate the transparency by turning it ‘on’ *.


*Note: this feature can only be activated when all necessary updates have been made after our transition from the old platform. Not sure about this? Then check out this quick checklist.