Information for consumers

Klantenvertellen is a specialist and market leader in the Netherlands for customer reviews.  Companies use our review system to collect and publish reviews. In this way, you as a customer get a much better feeling for the company in which you are interested. Reviews say a lot about how the service of a company and about the quality of their products or services. Reviews have therefore become even more important for companies, in a world in which we mainly orientate ourselves online. Klantenvertellen is transparent about how the review system works.


This is how you recognise klantenvertellen

You can recognise companies that use klantenvertellen review system by our logo or use of our brand name in combination with a specific widget. Our customers often display this on their website and in their communications. If you click on it, you will see all the reviews that have been written. Here you will find an overview of a number of our customers and partners.


This is how we ensure reliable reviews

When you order a product (online) or service from one of our customers, you are invited to post a review. Or you might want to share an experience on the review page. That review often consists of a short questionnaire in which you can provide more information. Klantenvertellen does its best to filter out fake reviews. To do this, we use various automated and manual barriers which identify fake reviews. Anyone may report a review if they suspect that it is not genuine. Our specialists then study the review in more detail. Reviews may not be edited or deleted by the company from which you ordered a product or service. A company may respond, however, so that any complaint can be addressed and resolved. Negative experiences are therefore also shown. If a review is negative, it is put in quarantine for 7 days. This gives the company the opportunity to contact the dissatisfied customer. The review may then be edited, but only the customer may do this. In that case, we always provide a link referring to the original review. Klantenvertellen may delete a review, but only if it does not fulfil our guidelines or if personal details are shared.


Are all those positive reviews correct?

Every webshop occasionally encounters critical reviews or dissatisfied customers. They can respond to any review posted. This makes it clear to everyone how a company responds to criticism and whether complaints are resolved. Has a company received lots of reviews in a short space of time? They may have asked lots of customers to post a review at the same time. comapnies choose who they invite to do so. Most of our customers do this on a wide scale and usually without knowing anything about the customer’s experience in advance. We regularly discuss this with our customers to prevent that only regular and good customers are invited to post a review. Because this is not only unbelievable; consumers soon start to notice it themselves. If a dissatisfied consumer only reads positive experiences on a company’s website but is never invited to post a review, this does not ultimately benefit our customer.


Why can I only post one review?

Buyers of a product or service may only write one review about their experiences with the company. We do this to prevent abuse. It means that satisfied customers or people associated with a company cannot (easily) manipulate the review score. Our systems are designed so that we are notified when someone tries to give several reviews. However, you may post more than one review if you have bought another service or product from the same company.


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