How does it work?

Satisfied customers are the best ambassadors. The customer feedback system is easily accessible and user-friendly. We do everything we can to achieve the highest possible response rate among your customers. To ensure that our system is used as effectively as possible, a klantenvertellen specialist will help you to get started. Together we will make sure that reviews will give your business a boost!


The review system

Our review system is easy to use. We help you personally get started and guide you through all the functionalities. The first step is to set up a personal and customer-oriented e-mail in which you ask the customer to review the service or product. It is important that the way of communicating allows customers to take action and that the response is high. A specialist of klantenvertellen will help with the design of the e-mail and survey. The questionnaire contains smart questions that apply to the company, the product or service. As a new customer, you immediately receive a login to a personal dashboard. In this dashboard you can find all the results and respond to the reviews you have received.



Potential customers get more insight into your business and the way in which customers are treated thanks to reviews. It gives them that last push to become a customer. Reviews inspire confidence and are easy to use commercially. View all the benefits of online reviews here.

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