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review op dienstniveau op 't hoog raamfabriekA satisfied customer is worth its weight in gold. Reviews play a major role in the consumer’s choice process. That is why as a buyer we like to read the experiences of customers or users before we make a purchase or decide to become a customer. After all, reliable reviews arouse the trust of a customer. They are and will therefore remain important for every entrepreneur.

Do you offer a service, a product or an (online) showroom* and would you like to draw attention to it? By collecting reviews through Klantenvertellen you make sure that your company and your offerings come forward trustworthy in the orientation and purchase phase of the consumer.

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*Do you only offer products through a webshop? Then start collecting reviews via Kiyoh. 




Benefits of online reviews

As told, reviews are of great added value during the orientation and purchase process. This is true for both the consumer and the business oriented buyer and for both products and services. Everyone wants to have the confidence that they are working with a trustworthy party. Reviews are the online version of word-of-mouth advertising, and that form of promotion has of course already proven itself.

The benefits at a glance

  • Reviews create confidence among potential customers in the orientation and purchasing process
  • Reviews give you the opportunity to improve your products and/or services
  • Reviews give an advantage on the competition
  • Reviews give the opportunity to thank customers
  • Reviews give you the chance to catch up on a negative experience
  • Reviews provide transparency in your customer service
  • Reviews show your distinctiveness
  • Reviews bring you more customers




The best companies have preceded you

Klantenvertellen is market leader in the Netherlands in the field of customer reviews. Companies that work with us can be recognized by our logo or use of our brand name, possibly in combination with an industry-specific widget.

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Experience the benefits yourself by working with our user-friendly review system, which is suitable for any industry. Our review specialists will be happy to think along with you about an effective approach for your company.

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