How do I become a partner of klantenvertellen?
Klantenvertellen works together with a group of affiliate partners. These renowned online marketing companies know our system through and through and know all the advantages it offers. Contact us if you would like to join them.
Can customers edit or delete reviews?
Reviews may not be edited or deleted by the company from which you ordered a product or service. A company may respond, however, so that any complaint can be addressed and resolved. Negative experiences are therefore also shown. Klantenvertellen may delete a review, but only if it does not fulfil our guidelines or if personal details are shared.
How can I be sure that reviews are genuine?
Klantenvertellen attaches great value to the reliability of reviews. Genuine reviews and stories written by customers who have bought a product or service. Our review system actively invites customers to post a review. To check and guarantee the reliability of reviews, we have incorporated barriers in our system which ensure that the reviews originate from real customers. Sometimes a review may still prove to be fake. If you are using our review system and have your suspicions about a review, you can report it. Our review specialists then study the review in more detail.
What trade organisations work with Klantenvertellen?
Klantenvertellen works with various trade organisations. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can offer the best support and sector-specific solutions for attractive prices. Ask us about our arrangements with all these organisations. Under 'partners', you will find some of the trade organisations we work with.
Is the review score that I can see in a widget correct?
The review score that you see here is the average score that customers have left over the past 12 months.
Does every customer receive the same e-mail asking them to post a review?
Our customers may personalise e-mails and send different versions. Sometimes a company uses the same e-mail for years. More often, these invitations to post a review are regularly edited and there may be different versions.
Are reviews visible on Google?
Yes, we have an interface with Google and the Rich Snippets are shown here. The yellow stars that can be displayed in Google Ads next to your business details can also be applied in your organic search results. Discuss how you can integrate this application with your web developer.
How do I ensure that more customers post a review?
Our review specialists will be happy to tell you more. Together, we will develop an approach to ensure as many reliable reviews as possible. You can also 'prepare' your customers yourself. Tell customers that they will be receiving an invitation to post a review and explain how important this is to you.